Name servers are hosted external can we use WAF

our name servers are hotsed at a diffrent external register and the webmaster wants to use WAF will this work or does the name servers need to be cloudflare?

Businesses or higher can use partial CNAME setups which do not require you changing nameservers: Partial (CNAME) setup · Cloudflare DNS docs
Enterpise can use Partial Nameserver setups which you can just delegate a specific subdomain for: Subdomain setup · Cloudflare DNS docs

Free/Pro requires you to change your nameservers:

(The full WAF Rulesets require Pro or higher)

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Hi Chaika
Thanks for the quick responce. One more question in Cloudflare can I setup a new account and give access to the web person so they can do everything but change DNS or name servers?

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From their account they cannot affect any changes to a website (zone) that is in your account. You could add them in a scope role Improved Access Control: Domain Scoped Roles are now generally available

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