Name Servers and Godaddy

I am hosted with Godaddy. My website is Wordpress. My website works, but i can’t edit anything or access the WP dashboard. I get a critical error. Godaddy says it’s a Cloudflare issue.

Cloudflare says I need to change my name servers to theirs. When I change the name servers in Godaddy, Cloudflare can see my website but my website doesn’t show up. That error message is: error 1000. Help!

What’s the domain?

Here’s another GoDaddy thread with an Error 1000.

Thanks for any help!

Right now, you’re 100% on GoDaddy. In that other thread, that user used GoDaddy to activate Cloudflare. How did you activate Cloudflare?

My old Development company did it, and now they are out of business. I am just trying to access my Wordpress dashboard so I can edit content. I am not sure how Cloudflare became involved.

At this point, Cloudflare has nothing to do with your website. It’s coming straight from GoDaddy.

If you have database access through cPanel at GoDaddy, you can poke around the database to find the email address of an admin user. Then you can have it send a Forgot Password link to that address. If it’s not your address, Edit that record so it has an address you control.

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