Name servers and DNS records for third-party subdomain

Hi all, I’m stuck at something I don’t know what to do next.
( and are just examples)
I need to host the subdomain
I own the domain, so I created glue records at registrar for and to point to my hosting server’s IP address.
Then I added A records for v1. and in Cloudflare to point to hosting server’s IP address.

Devs for do not want to A record, they prefer to use NS records instead. Now devs who updated NS for told me that they are delegating the subdomain but nameservers aren’t responding with any records for

It has been over 26 hours since the NS records started propagating, but not resolving for many countries.

I’m wondering if I need to do anything further in Cloudflare or on hosting server?

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How is any of that Cloudflare related? In a Cloudflare context you will use Cloudflare nameservers and not your own and if you use your own, it’s outside of Cloudflare’s scope.

They won’t be able to delegate that au domain to Cloudflare, as they won’t be able to add it in the first place.

But as so often, these pseudo addresses are pretty useless, what’s the actual domains?

Hey sandro,

Firstly, thanks for heads up. I’m pretty much new and still trying to learn.

Actual domains are these; needs to be hosted by me. My domain is, I created glue records and I was not aware if it’s not CF related, but since I added the A records for var1 and in’s DNS table, I thought I might have done something wrong there.

All right, you don’t need glue records in this case, as you are not using these nameservers for your own domain.

The hostnames do resolve and is properly delegated, but your nameservers are not running.

Could you please help me in the right direction what I need to make them running?

I am afraid that’s beyond the scope of the forum here and you best clarify this with the person responsible for that machine. You essentially need to make sure the service is running.

You can verify it with nslookup -type=soa

Did you mean the hosting server for

Well, hosting is typically HTTP. You are talking about a nameserver here, but these can certainly be the same server.

Bottom line, you need to talk to the person who manages the server and the services and make sure the nameserver is properly configured.