Name server & webhost

I will add ‘Cloudflare name servers 1 & 2’ to domain name as per instruction.
Question: should I also add the same ‘Cloudflare namesrevers’ @ webhost ?

No, by using CF’s name servers you are turning over control of your domain’s DNS to CF. You just need to point the necessary DNS records at your hosting via the CF dashboard.

ok - got it. Thanks Calian

they advise: Activate Cloudflare through one of our certified hosting partners .

then does that mean I can’t use my webhost ?

Some hosting providers have CF integrated into their hosting interface (e.g. cPanel), known as SaaS. Personally, I prefer to manage everything through CF, as it’s keeps things cleaner with less likelihood of issues if you have to switch hosting providers. That would be my recommendation.

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I had a past domain name through my webhost which I think is where I’m getting a bit confused now.

So since I will be keeping the domain name server address intact with no CF, there is nothing to change there. What info am I adding @ webhost ?

If I’m understanding you correctly, that’s a question for your webhost.

ok - I will ask them & thanks for the advice.

Cloudflare wants me to add their nameserver dns as the only measure. So seems I don’t have any other option but to change server setting at name server

ok seems like we need either CNAME or AAA record