Name Server Verification Pending

Hi guys,

I have been registering my domain for Cloudflare DNS for the longest time. But for some reason the name server verification is always on pending. I have already updated my NS records to Cloudflare proxy ones.

Please help!

Can you share the domain name you have issues with?

You have just adjusted some NS records within your current DNS provider.

You need to get delegation of name servers changed in the parent registry, through your domain registrar…

is still the name servers in the parent registry for that domain.

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I had transferred my domain from GoDaddy where I 1st bought it to Hostinger. I have changed the NS is hostinger. I no longer have a GoDaddy acocunt. What do i do?

It will always be the current registrar that the changes need to be made on.

For example if you registered the domain through GoDaddy e.g. in 2021, and then transferred it to Hostinger in 2022, and haven’t done anything since that, it should be Hostinger.

It seems like the name servers have now been changed to these:

If that is matching the ones you see in your Cloudflare dashboard for that domain, everything seems to be looking fine now.

As @DarkDeviL mentioned, you need to make sure we are designated as authoritative at the registrar when using our full setup. Delegating out to us is insufficient and will keep the zone in pending.

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