Name Server Updating Stuck

Hello Guys I Just Have Added My Domain Name To The Cloudflare And they asked me to add 2 new name servers to detect my domain so did but when i press the check button they said “You may only submit a re-check once per hour” it have been 24h now and it still stucked can someone help me pls

You did not change the nameservers at your registrar but only added two NS entries to your current nameservers. You need to do the former instead.

Also, your site is currently not working on HTTPS. You need to fix this first on your server before you use Cloudflare.

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they said remove :
and add
thats what i did

Right, you need to set the assigned nameservers. But as mentioned, first fix the HTTPS issue on your server. Only once your site works fine on HTTPS, configure it for Cloudflare.

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You also need to remove these as @Sandro pointed out


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First the user needs to fix SSL :slight_smile:

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done i did that

everything works now thank u for help guys <3

Unfortunately that is not true, as you still haven’t fixed the SSL issue on your server.

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