Name Server Update

Name server update is so long. I don’t receive the active confirmation mail. I have already changed the name server for three days. Still pending. Why?


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Yes, for my domain!

I really didnt expect that :wink:



We still dont know your domain.

What exactly is taking long? Your nameservers are properly set and your domain resolves fine. Only thing, it is not proxied, but that is optional and there is no need to do that.

Have you tried clicking the re-check button?

So many times!

It seems your DNSSEC settings might be off

Maybe try to disable it, verify the domain, and then re-enable it and carefully paying attention to its configuration.


No email to me :cry:

Thank you for your kindly explanation! I’ll try for it.

until the zone is active :tired_face:

You really need to log into your Domain registrar’s page and delete the existing DNSSEC records from there.

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Which nameservers are listed in your control panel?

name server are from Cloudflare.