Name server update still pending 48h after update

I updated the name server with my registrar.
I checked on dig and dnschecker and they are active
But they are still pending on Cloudflare.

I am a little lost here, have no idea what to do
I would be grateful if someone could help

Many thanks
My domaine is

Domaine registration : Not an active zone
could that be where the problem is coming from ?
If so, how can i correct this ?
thank you

It looks like the name servers are correct, but there are no DNS records for that zone.

Is your domain now Active here? It should show up in the Cloudflare Dashboard so you can add DNS records.

Your zone currently has DNSSEC enabled. Disable that at the registrar, once the transfer completes if you wish you can use the settings on the Cloudflare DNS tab to enable DNSSEC with Cloudflare.


Thank you for your help. I just deleted the DNSSEC on godaddy.
Do I need to do anything with Cloudflare to check my DNS again or will this update automatically ?
Merci :slight_smile:

I see that DNSSEC is now deactivated. From the domain setup, there should be a “Recheck” button. Though by now it may already be active on its own.

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