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Recently I used the “add-on” facility to change the name servers of a few sites. I was told to change them to andy.nsetc… and jill…etc My existing sites use “alec.ns1…etc” and asa.ns1…etc - do these need to be changed?

I’ve not seen an “add-on” facility here. Can you post a screenshot of that?

If they were Andy and Jill before, there should be a darned good reason to change them to Alec and Asa.

If you are a free client there is a page here which lists your websites and their status.
There is an prominent button with “ADD SITE” on it which does as it says - it takes you to this page:
There as hopefully you can see, it clearly instructs me to replace “alec” and “asa” with “andy” and “jill”.
Here is one of my websites using ‘andy and jill’:
and here is one using ‘alec and asa’:
So… my original question stands - is one right and one wrong or are they both OK seeing both sites work?

sorry, I left out this link:

Those are links to your own dashboard zones, so I can’t see them.

The rule on name servers is that whatever shows up at the bottom of your DNS page is what you need to set at your registrar. If you add a new site, it will tell you which two name servers you need to start using at your registrar.

thanks for that

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