Name server transfer



A consulting company created an account for me and put all of the A, CNAME, MX and NS record to Cloudflare and I had to change the nameservers to Cloudflare at the registrar.

I noticed the NS records in the Cloudflare DNS management are still pointing to our old name servers but the dig command says the NS is Cloudflare’s name servers. I obviously need to change the NS records to Cloudflare but I was wondering why the dig command says the NS are Cloudflare instead of our old name servers. Is the NS record being ignored?




I tried changing the name server from our name servers to and but I get the following message:

dns validation error (code: 1004): invalid content for ns record (code: 9037)

I was able to remove one of the name server but get the same message when I add Cloudflare’s name server. I am able to put old nameserver back. Any know’s why?




According to Cloudflare support:

As you are using Cloudflare as your authoritative DNS provider you most likely don’t need NS records unless you are wanting to delegate parts of your site’s DNS to other authoritative DNS. If Cloudflare is your only DNS provider for the domain then it should be safe to remove those NS records. Setting your NS records to your Cloudflare nameservers is not allowed as they should be set at your domain registrar (which they currently are).


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