Name server transfer error

I’m aware of the cloudflare issues and been following the services status page. DNS should be functional again and I just want make you aware that transfering a DNS name server to cloudflare is failing with this error:

Its a new domain - and DNSSEC is disabled on domain name.

Where are you seeing that error @heino.skov?

From the domain registrar when I try to change name servers to use Cloudflare’s servers.

I have done this earlier with two other domains from the same registrar

If you’re seeing this error in your external domain registrar’s dashboard while changing nameservers, then this is not in any way related to any issues at Cloudflare.

If you’re still unable to change the nameservers, please report this to your domain registrar. This has nothing to do with Cloudflare.

Yeah, I already created a ticket with them. I was just not sure if the issues/outage with APIs at Cloudflare could be the cause of it.

However will get it sorted with the registrar.


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