Name server propagation not successful for a domain even after waiting for 24 hours

Name Server propagation unsuccessful.

Hi @services63

I see 2 active domains in your account. Can you confirm that the issue has been resolved?

we faced this issue for domain we have tried two times so far where dns propagation failed and hence we changed back old ones.

Awaiting reply - we are only facing issue with this domain

Any specific reasons on .hk domain?

I have a number of .hk domains and all works ok.

At the moment your nameservers are not set to Cloudflare’s at HKDNR…


 Whois server by HKIRC
 .hk top level Domain names can be registered via HKIRC-Accredited Registrars.
 Go to for details.

Domain Name:  AKINCPA.COM.HK
Bundled Domain Name:  專業會計師事務.公司.香港
Domain Status: Active

Name Servers Information:

Yes, As mentioned before we did the name servers change two times so far and both times propagation is not successful. We have also checked with HKDNR as well and they said the changes we said are correct. Could you please suggest any specific process we have to follow for this .hk domain?

There’s no special process for .hk. Just set the namservers and they should be picked up; worked for me on around 10 .hk names.

You could delete the zone in Cloudflare and try again - this will give you 2 new Cloudflare namesevers to use.

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