Name server not validating

My provider made the changes for the CF name servers last week. However, CF is not validating them. How can I get this resolved.

It looks like it’s almost completely propagated. You said you updated last week. Did you make any changes in the last few days?

Nope. Does it have to fully propagate globally before it is validated?

It has to propagate fully enough to pass Cloudflare’s tests. Open a ticket and see what they say.

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

You havent changed the nameservers, I am afraid. You simply have created two NS records at your host. You need to change the nameservers at your registrar.

In my NS link above, it’s mostly propagated, with an SOA record to match. What am I missing?

The OP must have updated it 13 minutes ago. Now the nameservers are correct.

In my original post, I did test for NS and SOA and they looked correct.

When I checked eight hours ago there were the original nameservers, with NS records pointing to Cloudflare. The usual issue. It seems this was corrected at 2:08pm GMT.

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