Name server migration - minimising disruption

First I apologise if I use the wrong terminology or I’m talking absolute nonsense :rofl:

I’m a software developer and have been put in a situation where I’m required to investigate something that is completely out of my comfort zone.

My organisation would like to have the ability to fail over our website to another site in the event of power outage.

The web server is located at our main offices.

I have looked in to using Cloud flare as a proxy to get round this issue but the main thing that concerns me is the amount of downtime propagating the name servers to Cloud flare from our hosting provider. Further to this we have 34 sub domains which would also require migration.

Is there a way that the downtime could be minimised as a potential 72 hour max propagation would be very disruptive for the organisation.

Any advice would be much appreciated.



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Hi @digitalservices,

I will let others with more experience with this kind of thing advise here.

You should be able to transfer over to Cloudflare with no downtime at all if you follow the procedures. In our Community #Tutorials we have one on How to eliminate (or minimise) downtime when adding your domain to Cloudflare which should help.

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