Name server issue

I’m currently have issues with my account have two accounts with different mails I separated the two xclusivepop and xclusivesongs to avoid issues the currently my first domain was registered with this current mail [email protected]
2days I moved from my old hosting to another hosting provider for past 24 hours I have been trying to update the name servers but it currently not working at all… I want to know if I have to remove the site from my cloudfare account and use the company name server then I can add it few day’s later
Will it work?
I’m really confused about what to do. Please help me

Hi there,

This error is telling me that the SSL/TLS certificate being presented is not valid for the hostname - if you were running through Cloudflare at the time this was happening there are two common causes for this.

  • You were not proxying through Cloudflare (orange-clouding your DNS record) - Managing DNS records in Cloudflare

  • We have not issued a Universal SSL certificate for your domain yet

Unfortunately looking at your public DNS response, you no longer seem to be using Cloudflare as your DNS provider and not resolving to our IP addresses - so I cannot confirm why it was the way it was at the time you raised this thread.

If you would like to try again sign-up to Cloudflare, let us know on this thread once the zone is added to Cloudflare and active and if your still having an issue we can take a look.

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i did and everything is working fine now

thank you

tested with my new domain sololoaded

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