Name server is correct but url not appearing in Cloudflare

URL has successfully propagated but it does not appear in Cloudflare. I double checked and Name server is correct. It has been over 24 hours. Why is it not showing up?

What’s the domain?

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Domain is 270vistagrande(dot)com.

What are the names of the two assigned nameservers in your Cloudflare dashboard?

chip.ns.Cloudflare. and june.ns.Cloudflare. Both with .com at end.

Can you take a screenshot from Cloudflare that shows that the domain is not active and that the nameservers are supposed to be:

I ask for the screenshot because I want to be certain that these are the nameservers that are assigned to that domain in your Cloudflare account. Cloudflare nameserver pairs are assigned per domain and may not match the other nameserver pairs in your account.

We can definitely see that chip & june are assigned at your registrar and no other nameservers are present.

A dig for NS records at Cloudflare’s, as well as at chip and june also returns those namerservers.

It looks like either the domain is active and simply has no other records defined, or it is active with namservers assigned to that domain in a different Cloudflare account that also has no other records defined.

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