Name server help

um so to add cloudflare it says to update my name servers but my hosting requires me to use their name servers. idk what to do. Capture_LI

If that really is the case you won’t be able to use Cloudflare. For Cloudflare you have to change the nameservers to those provided by Cloudflare.

well when i first added my domain to the hosting i had to do it. idk if i have to keep them. how do i know? and if i cant use cloud flare how else do i get ddos protection?

You need to talk to your host about that, but you can simply change them at your registrar. Should your site then go offline you know that cannot change them.

You can always change host too.

well i bought a domain and hosting in 2 different places so i think it wont work :frowning:

It? Simply change your nameservers but first make sure all DNS records got properly imported when you added the domain.

im new to websites so idk how to check dns records but i will just try it

You can check the DNS records before changing the nameservers. You need to make sure Cloudflare has all DNS records, otherwise your site won’t resolve properly. If it doesn’t remove it and re-add it.

so i added the name servers and took out the hosts. so ig if i cant open my site then it dont work. ( sorry if these questions are dumb im like new like just got all this 2 days ago )

Most likely not. What’s the domain?

Seems Cloudflare imported the records. You should now change the nameservers.

change it back to the host or leave it that?

As I said before, they need to point to those provided by Cloudflare.

ok keep it those then

You best follow as that covers the setup.

it says my site is being protected and i can still visit my site so am i good?

Presumably. Should your original statement that your host needs you to use their nameservers be correct, then your site could stop at any time, but that is something you need to discuss with them.

aight thanks for yo help