Name server fraud

I had a web developer develop a website for me. I own my domain through go daddy. This developer supposedely moved my website to their own server. I don’t know that they did this but nameservers are pointed to cloudflare account that supposedely is hosting the DNS
How can I access my website?
This web developer de frauded me and many others
they were supposedely in USA but were not and supposedely went BK and no way to get a hold of anyone

If the Cloudflare and hosting accounts belong to someone else, you aren’t going to be able to get in to those.

You can check to see if any useful information is there.

As long as you have control of the domain registration at Godaddy, you can regain control of the DNS by changing the nameservers there. (If the nameservers were changed by the developer, you likely gave them access to your Godaddy account so make sure that’s re-secured).

You can give the website to see if any public information is available.

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thank you for the info…I will check this out on my end. Like I stated before…I own the domain through godaddy. When I look into my account I can see two nameservers that are Cloudflare accounts…and yes I did give these people access at one time…so wish me luck…go daddy is not very helpful to this point

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