Name Server Confusion

Cloudflare is requesting a name server update, however my domain name already points to Cloudflare nameservers. This was done as part of my membership to groove funnels. The current name servers that it is pointing to are: lucy and miguel, Cloudflare is asking me to change these to olivia and ray. Would changing these affect anything at Groovefunnels? and Why do I need to change them if they are already pointing to existing Cloudflare name servers?

What are you trying to accomplish?

Because they are currently managed by a different account (groovefunnels)

You can ask groovefunnels to add you to their account or you can ask them for the dns records and migrate your site to the new account. Just start the conversation with groove funnels they should let you know what the requirements are for their service

Thanks for that, just a couple of questions: by migrate my site to the new account, do you mean that my site needs to be migrated just so that I can get an email service to work? Is the process of migrating a site difficult or a lengthy process?

Hi Csharff,

I am attempting to use an email service provider such as Titan or Gmail business suite. Both of which would be fairly easy to set up except my domain is pointing to groove funnels and due to the fact that they use Cloudflare nameservers I am left attempting to get answers from either Cloudflare or groovefunnels about how this might work. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi @crgbll the easiest way to get your emails setup, is send the DNS records that need to be added/changed to groovefunnels.

Sort of you only need access to the DNS server settings to change them or for groovefunnels or whoever has access to change them for you, not the whole webhost. The website host can stay where it is.

This has as expected shut down my site. This email service caper is proving to be a joke, when it comes to groovefunnels and Cloudflare. I’m going to have to go back to the previous nameservers just to get my site back up.

What option exists to have both a site that loads and an email service?

Ideally Groovefunnels will simply add the requested DNS records to your existing zone (or provide you a management interface to do so) since they control your nameserver records. Otherwise they appear to support a ‘custom hostname’ setup in addition to full DNS hosting. You could ask them for steps to configure that version instead and migrate to controlling your own nameservers.

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I found a third-party article that covers adding Zoho Mail DNS entries to a domain that uses You should be able to adapt the instructions to accommodate your desired email service.

As cscharff pointed out, you will make these changes in the management interface since you will be using their DNS.

Thank you very much, Zoho is really easy and worked first attempt. I really appreciate the support.

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