Name server changes not showing in control panel

I have added s new site to websites. I have sent the name server to the incumbent and he has put them in on the old control panel DNS record. When i do an NSlookup it points to Cloudflare however if i look on Cloudflare it show as nameservers pending.

The change was made over 48 hours ago.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


You have to update your nameservers at your Domain Registrar, not at your old DNS Host.

What is the domain you are trying to add?

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Firstly thanks for the reply

sorry maybe not explained correctly
We are leaving the Domain at the old registrar at the moment and just using Cloudflare for DNs so the nameservers will need changing for the domain to point to Cloudflare. This has happened however the Nameserver are still showing on CF side as pending and have been for 48 hrs


That’s fine to leave your domain at your old registrar, but you need to login to your Registrar and change your nameservers there to the ones Cloudflare gave you.

~$ whois
Domain Name:
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:
DNSSEC: unsigned

They do not look changed to me.

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