Name server changes and since then the site is down - HELP!

Hi all,

I just updated my name server names to configure for Cloud flare and now the site is down.
When I was reading through Cloudflare, I thought it’s not a problem to update the name server names and I won’t have the down time?

My domain is
What do I need to do? can someone help please?

You havent set up any DNS records for your domain. You need to do this in the DNS section of your Cloudflare control panel.

how can I access the DNS section of my Cloudflare control panel?

I am not sure I understand the question. You simply go to your control panel and choose DNS.

Check out

Ok I found where I can access DNS section -how to set up any DNS records for my domain? The records?

You should know your records and if you dont you should contact your host.

I have access to my Cpnale at my host origin - do I need to just copy them all in?

Presumably. Basically Cloudflare needs to point to the same hosts as your domain did before you switched.

So I have copied everything

could you please see if they’re all good now? what else what do I need to do as my site still down

The records seem to be fine now, but now you run into a redirection loop. Let me guess, Wordpress, right?


Whats your SSL status under “Crypto”?

So it points to shopify for A reocrd and Cname

What do you mean by Crypto?
FLexible when I check on Cloudflare - it used to be full at my previous domain - full

I’d try to set it to Full strict.

Done - what else?

Well, does it work?

works - when I reload the website but when I click LEAF DNS
it fails on MX records?

Well, the MX records are mail related and need to be taken from the original records as well.