Name Server change taking a very long time

I have a domain at a different host, let’s call it MyRegistrar.
I’ve been using Cloudflareseveral years for DNS only. So MyRegistrar account had Name Servers pointing to Cloudflare.

I needed to change my Name Servers to a different host, say NewName (AWAY from Cloudflare).

So I updated my Name Servers at MyRegistrar over 72 hours ago (3 days). That site shows that I’m pointing to NewName for DNS instead of Cloudflare. But when I check a site like whatsmydnsD0Tnet, which shows results from all over the world, it has only been updated to the new Name Server in a few places in Asia. They picked up the change within 1 day. All of Europe and North America still shows Cloudflare after 3 days.

3 days should be long enough, right? What could cause so many places to hold on to my Cloudflare name servers? Could there be some setting on my Cloudflare account that would prevent so many places from updating to the proper Name Servers I have entered at MyRegistrar?

Maybe you have DNSSEC enabled on your domain (only DNS resolvers that ignore DNSSEC will return records).

Disable DNSSEC at your registrar or enable at your new DNS provider and set the DS records given to you at your registrar.

If you can give the domain name we can check.

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