Name Server Additions

Hello everyone. First of all, I LOVE Cloudflare. Everything is working superbly.

My question is simple. My website is VPS (Virtual Private Server-2 name servers) and is Cloudflare configured pointing to the first name server only. Since I have 2 URLs for the website, should I go ahead and set up the second URL name server configurations in Cloudflare, as well? Thanks, and love the forum here. Has been very helpful. Ed.

So much for that. :thinking:

I’m not sure what you mean by Cloudflare pointing to the first name server only. Cloudflare should be the only name servers for your domain.

If your website responds to two different domain hostnames, you’d have to add the second one to your Cloudflare account, like you added the first one.

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Lol. Sorry to not make it simple. Yes, you answered my question. Thank you.

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