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Dear all,

I’m searching for the Name records for DNS to change my info for my email account. When going through the help page it says I need to go to the dashboard To create a DNS record in the dashboard:

  1. Log in to the Cloudflare dashboardOpen external link and select an account and domain.
  2. Go to DNS.
  3. Click Add record.





Thank you for asking.

I might not quite understand the question.

May I ask what are you trying to change?
Your e-mail alias [email protected] to something different, using Cloudflare or you are looking for some particular DNS hostname (entry) like A www to modify it?
Furthermore, as far as you mentioned “… to change info for your email account…”, are you using Cloudflare E-mail Routing feature or not? :thinking:

Dear all,

I’m not really good at this technical stuff so my question:

I have my website hosted by another platform in the Netherlands >

Also, I have a custom email linked to it. However, I don’t get my emails. After contacting them they told me I need to update my “name records” in Cloudflare.

I have my website on Kajabi via Cloudflare.

Thanks for your help.



How do I solve this and what am I doing wrong?

May I ask if you added your domain name to your Cloudflare account yourself / individually or?

Kindly, may I ask you log into the Cloudflare dashboard using your associated Cloudflare Account.
Therefore, navigate to the DNS tab from the left sidebar.
Look if there is any A mail or CNAME mail, or MX type of the record (entry) on the table-list view.

May I just add here, a tutorial to double-check things in the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard regarding how to propperly configure DNS entries related to the e-mail to ensure your e-mail is working normally while using Cloudflare service:


The following is my problem.

I have my url: robinvansambeek .com posted at.hostnet .nl

However I created my website on Kajabi, and connected it with Cloudflare.

Now, I also have an email address connected to that which is as follows :info @ robinvansambeek .com)

The problem is that I don’t receive my emails. When I called host they told me I need to update my ’Name Folder records’ in Cloudflare.

So my question is, where do I do that?

Thanks a million if you can help me out here.

Kind regards,

Robin van Sambeek

Your domain’s name servers are Joyce and Jermaine.

Those sure sound like the ones Kajabi uses.

With that in mind, you would have to set your DNS records at Kajabi:

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