Name of Server not updating

ajepic com is my url

i move two days ago from namecheap to cloudflare but my NS still showing namecheap,
i don’t now when this will be fully convert to cloudflare???

need help

Whois reports Cloudflare nameservers. Where is it not updating? What is the current status of the zone in Cloudflare?

DNS records have a time to live. Until they expire there’s nothing to do unless you can contact the public resolver being and have them clear the cache. The correct information is out there and configured.

can i contact to namecheap to clear cache???

It’s not the registrar, it is the DNS nameserver being used in that location by that tool. If that tool exposes who the DNS provider is you can look to see if they have a cache clearing tool. Otherwise the old nameservers will simply continue to answer until the cache expires.

If Switzerland is a big market you can track it down, generally it sorts itself out and no action is required

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