Name Not Resolved

I’ve had a strange issue for the last 24 or so hours.

I setup my name servers, dns records, etc properly yet my website only loads some of the time not all of the time.

I’ve had periods of 15-30 minutes where my website loads normally, and periods of 1-2 hours here my domain is not resolving as shown below:

Am I doing something wrong?

I would check the DNS server you are using. It looks like the record exists globally DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool


Yeah that’s what’s weird to me. It’s been propagated globally for hours now.

Currently my website is loading so that’s a good sign. I’ll reply if I experience issues again.

Thanks for your help!

Right after I sent that last reply my website stopped loading again.

Very strange.

Have you examined your local DNS resolver?

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That was the issue on why I wasn’t loading for me. Thank you!!

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