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Unable to connect my domain with my hosting provider. My website hosting provider is namecheap. When i’m going to add my domain from namecheap it’s saying, “Oops, looks like pointed to remote nameservers.
To add the domain as an addon you need to have it pointed to and (check this article for more info) or validate it by following the instructions provided below.”
I found that i can’t change nameserver, but there’s other validation method like using TXT record. I followed the instruction yet failed to connect. I’ve went through some topics similiar to this topic but couldn’t found any solution. Need help on this issue.

You need to either change your name servers or manage the DNS manually at Cloudflare.

This means you’ll have to add all the records relevant to connect it to cPanel in at Cloudflare If you want to use Cloudflare’s names servers.

That’s because you’re using the Cloudflare Registrar product to register your domain name and that product does not support using non-Cloudflare names servers.

I’ve come across this before, admittedly not with Namecheap but another hosting company that used cPanel. In that case, I just logged a support ticket with the hosting company and explained the situation, and they made manual changes at their end to facilitate getting the domain setup without needing to add any DNS records initially.

There is a reason for cPanel having DNS control though, and it typically revolves around things like the FreeSSL offerings and so forth. However, it’s not necessary, and regardless, Cloudflare’s Universal SSL offering would cover you in such instances I suspect.

In regards to the TXT verification record it appears you have said it up correctly and it is now showing up for me. I would leave it a few hours at the host before trying again.

what was the hosting company you were using that time?

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