Naked URL redirect to error page heruko

Hi, I don’t speak very good english so look the screen !

I redirect the naked url to clickfunnels, and the www.
The www work fine, but the naked url redirect to this :


So I configure the page rule on Cloudflare like this :

But it doesn’t work… I don’t know what to do.

UP !
Please help me

It’s a community forum… chill.

Have you added your root domain to clickfunnels? This is and issue with Clickfunnels not Cloudflare.

Please be patient. It’s still early in the US.

For the naked domain, don’t use a CNAME. Use an “A” record and give it a placeholder IP address, like (don’t worry, it won’t use this), and then set it to :orange:

Now your Page Rule will work. It needs the :orange: for Cloudflare to process the Forwarding request.

Delete Rule #2. It will match, and you don’t want that. It will create a redirect loop.

Rule #1 should just say - Example Resources and Information. No need for the leading http or https. If you leave it out, it will match both.
Then you should delete Rule #3 as well, since Rule #1 should take care of this.

Thanks bro, sorry @cs-cf, but i block 4 days on this and this is very frustrating…
Thanks @sdayman it’s works :slight_smile:

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