Naked URL redirect not working

Hi, I am using Google Sites to host and Cloudflare as my DNS.

when I had this on Square, I had no issues getting the naked URL ( to redirect to the full site. This task is seemingly IMPOSSIBLE since switching to Cloudflare. I have read over and implemented the steps on at least a dozen help topics here and none of worked.

I have tried a forwarding rule, I have tried a page rule, I have tried those generic redirect DNS records. I have a CNAME set up for and have tried A record set up for the various IPv4 addresses that people recommend.

I am set to DNS only and not proxy.

I have literally set a rule to redirect all traffic to the full url ( and it still will not redirect properly. Any redirect rules just fail to load anything.

Any ideas? Am I missing a specific DNS record? Is this actually just straight up not possible with google sites and SSL?

Then a redirect on Cloudflare will not work as requests won’t pass through Cloudflare.

You have put the dummy value of in, but with “DNS only” that won’t go anywhere. The record for that one must be proxied (you must leave the www record set to “DNS only” to work with Google hosting).

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I have swapped it to proxied alongside the 4 A record IP addresses that Google domains says I must enter. Still doesn’t seem to work unless this takes time to change.

This is the redirect rule I am using - is this configured incorrectly?

You need to add https:// in front of otherwise the redirect is relative, so to as it is now…

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Thanks. Hopefully it is working now. I appreciate the help.

This has been driving me mad for the past few hours. Far out of my area of expertise!

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