Naked URL not forwarding to www

Hello there,

I am having a problem with my page rules. I have created a page rule to forward a naked url to a www… Am I doing something wrong? Here is a screenshot.

instead of forwarding to /* forward to /$1
also the “” has to be :orange: in the DNS dashboard

I am using DRTW, how do I “” a into a proxy?

What does that mean?

Here are my cnames, is what you are describing possible. I am a n00b at all of this, very sorry if this doesn’t make any sense.

The root needs an entry that is :orange: so Cloudflare can accept the traffic even if it won’t really use what you point it to.

Can you advise me as to what to enter. Sorry I don’t really understand, it’s pretty ambiguous to me.

It can be anything. Try setting it to be a CNAME that points to your www record. I think you can just set it to “www.@”

And that should resolve the issue with the naked url not forwarding to a www.

Can you tell me the CNAME that i need to enter and where to point it to resolve my issue?

Listen, I am a beginner at all of this stuff. I don’t think ambiguous answers will resolve anything. Can you please tell me exactly how to do this. This would resolve the issue, and provide clarity to others that have the same issue when they search for an answer.

  1. On your DNS screenshot, you have a CNAME for www that points to dja…something something whatever.
    You need another DNS entry JUST LIKE THAT ONE, but for
    Type = CNAME, NAME =, Value = “djablablablah” (that long text from the www entry, but without the quotation marks).
    And make sure it’s :orange:, just like the www entry.

  2. On your Page Rule screen shot, just get rid of the * at the end of* <— THAT star. I would normally put a $1 instead of the * just for completeness. It’ll work without it. (boring explanation: The $1 also forward the rest of the URL, but it’s unlikely anybody typed anything after the .com if they left out the www for your URL.)


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So this…

Your Page Rule #1 has the endings reversed. The Match should be * and the Forward To should be $1. @sixcorners sketched out how it should look when you edit it.

And your DNS now looks correct.

“Always Use HTTPS” can be configured in the SSL/TLS app for the whole website. If you configure it there then you can save a page rule.
Make it look like this:

You really just need the 1 rule.

Edit: uh… ignore that part at the top that says “”


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