Naked domain will not forward to WWW and site flagged as phishing?

I am not sure if these issues are related at all, but they are both happening on the same domain. I would very much appreciate some guidance.

The raw domain has no origin IP or A record to go to. The www is cnamed to the site it needs to be attached to. My forwarding rule is set up exactly as “* >

The entirety of the DNS comprises of a cname for www, a cname for *, and a Google verification txt record.

On the other end, the www site does connect but now has been flagged as phishing by at least Avast and Microsoft defender. I am very confident that this is not site content related, as this site has existed for a long time and only recently underwent a domain change. Is it possible that something is wrong with the DNS?

Thank you all-

If you’re using a wildcard for the non-www CNAME, then it’s not proxied and Page Rules will not apply.

I’d advise against using a wildcard, as it makes for an unlimited number of hosts to attract unwanted traffic to your server.

Thanks. So my first step should be to change the forwarding url purely to >

Should there even be a / ?

Thank you very much.

Nevermind, I reread that. I have removed the cname for *

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