Naked domain to Cloudflare and Dreamhost

Hi there. Im using Cloudflare for the first time, I have a naked site domain and I like the way it is, so I would like to keep it that way. However, aparently it isn’t possible keep a naked domain using Cloudflare. My web is hosted on Dreamhost, does anyone knows if there is a missing configuration so I can keep my site without www domain?

Thank you :smile:

I presume you signed up via your host and not directly on Cloudflare, right? In that case you’d need to contact your host and clarify that with them.

If you bypass your host and sign up for a full Cloudflare account there shouldnt be an issue with the naked domain though.


Hi Sandro, thank you for your response.

Yes, I did tried redirect DNS from host to Cloudflare, but it did not work, I waited for about 6 hours and then I reversed the process. I thought try again but doing the process from Cloudflare according to their step by step guide, I do not know if there is any difference, but I believe first attempt didn’t worked because of the www thing.

I signed up for a free account, not a full one. Would still work if I talk to Dreamhost? or keeping a naked domain is only for full account type?

Much appreciate your help. :sunny:

The full account is free as well. There are simply additional paid plans too. Right now you appear to be signed up via your host in a partner setup and only your host can clarify what you can do and what you cant.

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