Naked domain problems when pointing to third-party host

I apologize in advance … I’ve thoroughly confused myself here. In the old days, I spent a long time to get things right when pointing to apps like Unbounce or ClickFunnels, and then just duplicated the setup for new sites.

But lots of the things that used to be done with rules and other things, are now settings to turn on or off. I’ve read a decent amount of Cloudflare docs (some newer, some pretty old) and now am unsure what the current best practices are.

I simply have a website ( built/hosted by a third party (, not that it matters I suppose.) They told me to create an A record pointing to their IP, and then a CNAME for www pointing to works, while does not.

Happy to read if somebody can point me to the current best practices on this, feel like I’m just chasing my tail and cobbling together different solutions that conflict with each other, and am unsure what the exact settings are otherwise. Thank you very much in advance.

There are two issues here

  1. You have the wrong DNS configuration for your naked domain
  2. Even if you fixed that, your host appears to be configured only for “www”

You could probably talk to your host and have them configure the server for the naked domain as well, but it’s probably easier to drop the DNS entry for the naked domain (assuming no other services use it) and follow the following tutorial

Make sure to follow the archived content, as that is more comprehensive


Great, that’s what made the most sense in my mind, even though DNS has always turned my mind to jelly for anything more than the most simple stuff.

Thank you VERY much for the quick, thorough, helpful reply!

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Always a pleasure. Just verify that nothing else (e.g. MX entry) uses the naked domain, then drop the current entry, add a proxied entry for the mentioned 192 address, and configure the page rule. You could also configure the other, more modern rule, but page rules are a bit easier. Comes down to personal preference :slight_smile:

Important, the naked domain needs to be proxied.

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Made it back to my computer, and I’m hoping I’m interpreting everything correctly.

  1. I need a new A entry, pointing to, with proxied turned on
  2. I leave the CNAME for www pointing to
  3. I create the page rule as shown in the article you pointed to

It’s been a brutal week, so if I’m being dense, don’t hesitate to say so. :slight_smile:

Right, your summary is spot on. The page rule should be

:smile: Wouldn’t dream of - sorry for the week, hopefully the weekend is a tad more gentle


As far as I can tell DNS is already set up, you only need the page rule.

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Smart and kind … great combination. Thank you so much, really appreciate it.


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Trying at least :slight_smile:

Redirect is in place

$ curl -I
HTTP/2 301

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