Naked domain points to Heroku instead of Clickfunnels

Hey, so and points to my ClickFunnels funnel just fine.
But when I type in the naked url without www or https it goes to a Heroku page totally unrelated to clickfunnels.
I followed the set-up from Clickfunnels and are using 2 CNAMES.


I saw people mentioning in other posts I need to enter an A-record. But it says that can’t be done since the 2 CNAME records already have the www and @.

Any idea how I can get this naked url to point to ClickFunnels also?

Thank you!

If you make sure the naked domain is set to :orange:, you should set a Page Rule for a Forwarding URL.
Match* and URL Forward it (301) to

Just to clarify, I believe ClickFunnels runs on Heroku. The issue is that they register your www ( with their heroku load balancer, not your naked domain.

For a fix, you should remove the @/root/apex record from your DNS, then add a new A record with the name set to @, and address Then, do as @sdayman instructed and create a page rule that redirects the root domain to the www subdomain, like below:

(301 or 302 is up to you)

Thank you Judge, that worked out perfectly.
The page-rule was already in place so I just removed the @ CNAME and created the A-record to as you instructed.

However, where is pointing to? Isn’t this an internal address? It feels weird to me that I want to link it to clickfunnels but need to use an address like to get it done. Or is it just a dummy address to get the page-rule activated?

Exactly that.

It is explained in this wiki:

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