Naked domain does not redirect while redirecting one domain to another domain with https:// in front

Hi I have one page rule as,

** redirects to$2

it all works well and redirects when I enter , , in the browser’s address bar.

But, when I enter https:// in front on the naked domain as on the address bar it gets DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN.

what could be the reason for it?

Thank you in advance.

I would be sceptical with a such page rule, that has the very first character as an asterisk, as it should also be matching https://, and create thereby have the potential of creating a redirect loop.

That said, -

The fact that www works, sounds like you have created the proper AAAA, A or CNAME record(s) for the www subdomain.

This one typically means that you haven’t created the proper AAAA or A record(s) for the naked domain itself.

Can you share the domain name?

I have found out that the A record didnt propagate. I deleted the record and recreated it. Now it works well.

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