Naked domain does not redirect to SSL domain

Hey everyone,

So my website is hosted on Clickfunnels and my domain is connected to CloudFlare.

So when I visit lotfidrif DOT com aka without the https://www. it redirects perfectly fine.

However, when i try to go to lotfidrif DOT com/video it links to an error page.

When i go to any lotfidrif DOT com /anytexthere it will go to error page instead of going to https:// for example.

The /video page however does exist on the HTTPS.

Do I need to post my DNS here? Please let me know of anything else needed to solve this issue.

Sorry for the DOT com , its not allowing me to post links.
Appreciate it!

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Pls redirect:*



(use 2 PageRules for this)
Test with: 302/307
If all works change to: 301


Hey Martin,

Thank you so much.

It seems to work fine now! I set it to 301 permanent redirect and it’s working fine out the gate.

Thanks for your support.


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