Nake domain redirect to domain not in my CNAME list

I have just moved a domain to cloudflare, cname for naked domain and www should all go towards, but for some reason they seem to go to some IP that I can’t recognise in Bubble ?!

My registrar seems to be setup properly and MX tools recognises Cloudflare as the NS:

Not sure what I can do here.

It seems like you are bypassing Cloudflare proxying for both www and the root domain right now (grey-clouded records). They are both pointing directly to Webflow at this point. Www is working fine when I’m testing, but the root domain has some SSL/TLS error (likely Webflow issue). Apart from that issue, you’re saying that you run into some other, strange issue when going through Cloudflare (orange-clouded DNS records for www and @)?

I just disabled the orange cloud and indeed it seems to work fine, when I enable it it directs all traffic to a Bubble app which I do not control.

I am not even able to access the site it self with I use a naked domain. Only if I use

Not familiar with them, but they seem to be using Cloudflare as well. It’s possible that someone (you, previous owner, someone entering the wrong domain) has used the domain with their service in the past. I’m quite new to Cloudflare but I’ve learned that some companies are using Cloudflare behind the scenes for their own customers (think software-as-a-service like Shopify). So even if you’ve never signed up for Cloudflare directly, it may be a part of a SaaS offering.

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Here is my conrrent config:

naked domains does not work, if i turn on the organs cloud it direct to this bubble app.

I need to:

  • make the naked domain work
  • would like to enable proxy

I would suggest you contact Webflow. Can they handle requests for the root domain? Another option would be to forward to www. Forwarding can be done on the Cloudflare side as long as you can proxy the record.

My best theory is that the domain has been used with Cloudflare previously, most likely through another party (Bubble). Maybe someone else can chime in with their thoughts or you can check with Bubble.

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