Naive user trying to set up a copier to scan-to-email via SMTP server?

I am not well versed in any of this stuff. As I said I am trying to set up my copier to scan files directly to email. I was told that I will just need the name of the “SMTP server”, as well as the “SMTP outgoing port”, and I need to know whether or not it uses TLS?

Does any of that make sense?
I will try to provide more clarity if it is needed! But once again I don’t really know what most of this stuff means :sweat_smile:

thank you

Cloudflare doesn’t offer any kind of outbound e-mail service hence no SMTP server.

If you have a Gmail account you could use their SMTP server to let the scanner send from your Gmail account, but you’d have to jump through some hoops to set it up, have to enable 2-factor authentication on the account (if not already enabled) and then generate an app password then you’d have to punch in a bunch of info into the scanner (if it even supports the sorts of encryption the Gmail SMTP server requires, which it may not)

Is this for a company or something? If so the company may have its own SMTP server.

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Yes its for a non-profit org. We do not have our own SMTP server that I know of, but I will look into that. We are hoping to find a way to do this without using google. Knowing Cloudflare does not offer outbound email service is helpful so I can figure out a way forward.

Thank you

Because of spam concerns, you’re probably not going to find much in terms of good, free options

You could take a look at this list and maybe find something suitable. I haven’t used any of these (besides Gmail)

If it’s really just for a scanner, and it’s on a LAN you could maybe set up a small intranet-only mail server and don’t give it access to the internet. And retrieve e-mails from it using a computer on the LAN.

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