Nadie ayuda no funciona mi web

por favor necesito ayuda mi web no funciona

There are no DNS servers set for your domain:

mark@infra:~$ host -t NS
Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

You need to point your Domain directly to the Cloudflare Nameservers.
Possible that you are not allowed to set custom DNS servers, just additional for backup purposes.

No hay servidores DNS configurados para su dominio:

mark @ infra: ~ $ host -t NS
Anfitrión no encontrado: 3 (NXDOMAIN)

Debe dirigir su dominio directamente a Cloudflare Nameservers.
Es posible que no tenga permiso para establecer servidores DNS personalizados, solo adicionales para fines de respaldo.

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It’s “”, so it’s a valid domain. Yeah, the spelling is tricky, so I just remember Pub Liar :slight_smile:

The first CNAME is publiar.e, which is probably supposed to be, but that’s a duplicate of your A and AAAA records. You should probably delete the publiar.e CNAME.

The “www” CNAME should point to the same IP addresses as your A and AAAA records.

To use “www,” I would make a Page Rule that matches ** and 301 Redirect it to

But you still have the SSL certificate error because it has not been Activated at Cloudflare. Did you open a Support Ticket? Post the Ticket # and the mods will push it along if Support hasn’t gotten to it yet. It’s been stuck for a while.


Oh my… That’s embarrassing. :facepalm:
Sorry, my fault.

sdayman you are right there is a spelling mistake I have eliminated it and with regard to the rule it is already I do not understand much about 301

esta activado

Last time, you posted a picture of the Crypto page that said that SSL was not Active. Can you post another picture of your Crypto page?

Your domain doesn’t appear to be on Cloudflare at the moment.

dig ns +short

It was, earlier. They probably switched back because SSL hadn’t activated, and the connection was erroring out.

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