N8n on hetzner blocked when trying to connect to Wordpress (Cloudflare)

Hi Everyone.
I am facing an issue where I have no more idea, where else to search.

I have a self-hosted hetzner server (Ubuntu), where I am experimenting with n8n, WordPress, understanding how all that webhosting works and also, because its just fun to have full control over your server.
I understand, that in many situations, having a server where professinals do a perfect job is the solution - and as soon as my n8n workflow is running, I deffenitley gonna choose a professional service for that.
But since I am still experimenting, I am facing an issue, that I was not able to solve.

n8n and WordPress running both on that server (and Webmind/Virtualmin, ngnix proxy manager, Portainer, PHPMyAdmin etc).
I have a subdomain for each and also SSL and everything is running.

When building connections with the WordPress API and n8n on the hetzner server, it works as expected. I can GET/POST and do everything possible.
But when I am trying to connect to my other Webhost (DNS is setup on Cloudflare), I get a jsdelivr, bot verification warning and cannot connect.

So I was trying out the n8n cloudserver (the one that n8n offers), same setup, same credentials - and it instantly worked.

Than I was trying to connect from n8n on my hetzner server to another server, just to see, if can communicate outside the hetzner server - and it also worked.
So - I defenitley can communicate over the API with other servers.

Next step was to see, if I somehow can make my hetzners IP not being blocked or seen as a bot.
But whatever I am trying, its not getting through.

At the moment, I have no idea, where else to check, how I can “allowlist” my hetzner server for jsdelivr - also, if jsdelivr and that bot verifications has to do something with Cloudflare etc.

Maybe you can lead me into the right direction, so that I can find the issue, that is blocking n8n hetzner when using Rest Point on the WordPress server behind Cloudflare?

Is tehre anything I can show here, so that you get a better idea, what exactly is the problem?

Thank you very much!

Hey, jsut a quick answer - the issue is solved.
The problem was, that I had to add the IP4 AND IP6 to the rules.
That solved the jsdelivr issue - and the reCAPTCHA problem was solved, by generating a new application password in WordPress.

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