N00b DNS Question

Hi apologies in advance for the n00b question but I hope you guys can help my DNS understanding.

I recently changed the A records within Cloudflare to the IP from our new hosting platform. I was checking whether the propagation had completed through a DNS checker tool, but noticed that the IP shown in the checker hasn’t changed and shows what it did prior to the A record change and then it occurred to me that perhaps it wouldn’t change with the way that Cloudflare works with their DNS network.

If I’m not expected to see the DNS change, how do I know the propagation has completed?

Again, apologies if this is a stupid question.

Not a stupid question, but it’s actually a cool feature of Cloudflare.

That IP address you see is the Cloudflare proxy server. Your real IP address is hidden behind the proxy server and is instantly updated when you modify your DNS records here.

So this is normal behavior, and visitors should be routed to your new hosting platform.

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