returned status code 503

I kept getting this warning below & my site hosted by Siteground (domain registered by Cloudflare) inaccessible for several minutes & getting more & more everyday. How do I create a firewall rule on this? returned status code 503.
Configure your Firewall Rules to allow the Chrome browser from South Carolina, USA. If the problem persists, contact support.

That error is on the speed app of the Cloudflare dashboard, yes? Sorry for the trouble, the Speed test crawls are performed from Google Cloud Platform IP addresses which will fail if blacklisted or rate limited at the server or hosting provider.

Assuming there are no Cloudflare Firewall Rules or Rate Limiting settings or filters in place through your Cloudflare dashboard, the problem may be with your origin server. Can you check with your server administrator or hosting provider to ensure there are no rules or filters in place on the origin that would cause this issue? You’ll want to ask them to check for IP address, browser and user-agent blocks.

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