Mystery A-Record that won't disappear

I updated the nameservers for yesterday and LeafDNS informs me that this has completed.
It does however show a mystery A Record and I believe this is causing some website visitors to be shown the old version of the website.
I can’t see this A Record in Cloudflare nor can I figure out how to remove it.
Any ideas?
The record in question is the one pointing to
Here’s the LeafDNS test;

Thank you in advance you wonderful person :slight_smile:

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Thanks sandro but the CloudFlare IPs are fine - it’s the random 170.XXX which is of concern

The article addresses that very address.

Ah ok - I’m sorry for doubting you :slight_smile:

Looks like all is in order then

DNS wise your site seems fine.

If there are issues then they will be either caching related or your server returns outdated content.

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