Mysterious behavior - DNS cache on Cloudflare?

Our domain was previously hosted by a web agency, and it has a CNAME record pointing to

I recently migrated the domain to our new Cloudflare account and updated the domain name servers. However, something weird happened:

On the new account portal, the name servers have been verified. However, even if I deleted all the CNAME records and A records, the domain is still pointing to the old site (the kinsta address).

When I added an A record pointing to the new server (, the domain points to the old server (the kinsta address) in the Proxy mode while works and points to the new server ( in the Direct mode.

I suspect this is something related to Cloudflare. Anyone can help here? No email/ticket support is available to free plan users unfortunately.

You likely need to ask Kinsta to remove the ‘custom hostname’ for your cname record from their Cloudflare config.


Wow! This is so helpful! Thanks a lot for suggesting the solution - it works!

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