Mysql Workbench connection error after changing hosting DNS to clouflare ones


Hi there,

I really don’t understand the relationship between changing my hosting DNS to the cloudflare ones and having a connection error when accessing to my database using MySQL Workbench. I can still access through my hosting control panel but no way with Workbench. To me, have no sense changing port and hostname at workbench server connection because it was working just before changing DNS. Any ideas?? Perhaps is because I’m on a one site free membership and I’m not able to connect to other zones under the main domain, or http and https counts as 2.



If the hostname your SQL Workbench is trying to connect to is set to :orange: in your Cloudflare DNS, it’s not going to connect. Cloudflare doesn’t proxy MySQL (Port 1433).


1433 is Microsoft’s SQL Server

The correct port number for MySQL is 3306.