404 error - connected to Github html file


I cant seem to understand how to fix this issue. I am getting error:

# This page can’t be found

No webpage was found for the web address: ****


I connected to html file in my private github… deployed successfully. but the error above.

Am I missing a setting here? Do I need to configure my html in order for cloudpages to read it?

Can’t say as you having specified what settings you are using.

Share the repository and build settings and the community can provide more insight.

You’ve provided insufficient information for anyone to reliably provide a solution to your problem.


I just created a blank, private Github repo, and uploaded my file to it (html). In the Cloudflare Pages setup made sure the Framework Preset is set to “None”, and left everything else blank

What is the file called? Is it index.html? If it isn’t, rename it to that.

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thanks! i didnt realize but that was supeer simple.

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