is still redirecting me to godaddy

hi, i read everything about similar issues but i am still with the same problem, im using railway to access my project and i bought in godaddy my domain called, well until now works fine but redirects to godaddy and i dont know how. Can someone help me please?

Thanks for helping btw.

What have you set in your Cloudflare DNS as entries for and www?

If they are the same IP address, you probably need to configure your Godaddy hosting to accept the host

Alternatively, on Cloudflare you can redirect to using a redirect rule.

Well, in my value is the one given by railway and its a CNAME (thats fine), now for i have 2 IPs, both if i browse that in the navigation tab they redirect me to godaddy. I think that i need the IP from railway but i cant find it.

Can you use the same CNAME record that you use for your www subdomain?

If that doesn’t work, you can always redirect from to with Cloudflare’s Redirect Rules.

MMMMM… how i need to configure it? here the image

You need to include https:// in the URL field, so

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■■■■ yeah! thank you so much, now its working :slight_smile:

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