My www domain working but domain without www does not work

Hi, I have a domain through cloudflare on systeme io . I just got my site up last week and had just got it working and then last night I was trying to add a banner to my site then deleted some of the CSS maybe and now my www.thiseverywhere domain works but does not work. I can’t figure out if I did something or if there’s something wrong w/ how I set it up in cloudflare.

The redirect you have set up from the root domain to the www site is incorrect. It’s redirecting to literally* and “*” isn’t a valid page, so it’s returning “page not found”.

The best way to do this is to create a Redirect Rule as follows:

Hostname equals

Redirect type Dynamic
Expression concat("", http.request.uri.path)

Status code 301

It should look like this:

Delete whatever rule you have in place and replace it with this.

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thank you! trying now.

Thank you, that worked. I appreciate it.

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