My wss time out when enable dns proxy

Hi, so i have in ssl full strict, i have my reverse proxy config in apache2, i tried everth
ing but nothing. Here i leave my config

If I’m reading that right, the inbound connection is on Port 49155. Is that the port you’re trying to proxy through Cloudflare?

If so, then Cloudflare won’t proxy Port 49155 unless you’re using Spectrum.

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My host works work internal and external ports, the internal port is 8443, and exterior 49155 and im noy using CF spec thing.

SSL, WAF and many other Cloudflare services only works when Cloudflare is proxying the traffic. With DNS-Only mode, they do nothing.

Since the host is set as DNS-Only (I guess because of the non-supported inbound port you’re using), all Cloudflare is doing is resolving the hostname to the configured IP address, which is working correctly.

But Cloudflare’s SSL will not work when using DNS-Only mode, and you’ll need to take care of SSL at the origin.

For reference, the link below provides the list of ports that Cloudflare supports:

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Im using port 8443, port 49155 is external one.

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