My Wordpress Wedbsite Admin Login Unreachable After Migration to Cloud

Please help me. I cannot log in to my WordPress admin after migrating my nameservers from Namecheap to Cloudflare earlier today. I also cannot browse my website.
Is it due to domain propagation that takes up to 48 hours?

It sounds like the IP address of your website may not have moved over. This is rather unusual though because Cloudflare is pretty good at being able to automatically find and prepopulate the DNS entries from your origin nameserver to your new Cloudflare nameservers.

Go back into your Namecheap account and find the IP of your server/website. I’m not sure if you’re hosting your site there or somewhere else but you need to figure out your origin IP.

Once you have that, you should make/update an “A” record for “@” with that IP in your Cloudflare account.

Next, make/update a “CNAME” record for “www” and point it to “@” (again, in your Cloudflare account)

That should get your going. If your website already went offline, the propagation already happened. The “up to 48 hours” part is no longer a thing.

When you update the right IPs into your account, the fix should be pretty quick. Cloudflare is excellent at updating your DNS globally, as can be seen at

If you don’t see the site come back up after changing your IP, your ISP is probably caching the IP record. Hop on to your phone, get off wifi and browse your site. Unless you checked on your phone already your phone carrier shouldn’t have the old IP cached. If both are cached, wait a while. Put your domain name into this site and monitor the IP propagation

Hi Tulio,

Please can you guide me on how to locate my origin IP address?

Hi @eeonuzuruike, the information you provided so far makes it hard to give you guidance.

  • I’m not sure you host your website with namecheap or somewhere else
  • Once you migrate your DNS over to a different provider, the records stored at the original provider are no longer viewable in some DNS services so it would make it harder for you to go back and check inside of your namecheap.
  • We (us community members) don’t know your website URL so we can’t look things up and help as much as we’d like.

But - you can do this:

  • Go to
  • enter your domain name
  • view the results and on the first tab of results, make sure you’re looking under “A” records. The most recent entry should be around the time that you changed your DNS recently. Skip that. Find the next oldest one. That should be the accurate IP.

Use that IP as your origin IP and follow the rest of my previous instructions.

Sidebar: It’s pretty cool that some random services like that website track historical records. The first time I needed to help someone figure out an old record I came across that service and found it. It was right. Hopefully, it’ll have information about your website. If it doesn’t, here’s an article of other sites that do a similar thing. How to quickly view your DNS history for free (A, MX, NS, TXT, etc.)

Again, you could get this data through your hosting provider but I don’t know enough about where you host to give you more guidance.

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